Who Are New Heat?

New Heat Solutions started trading in 2010, and the company was subsequently incorporated in 2013. Our original ethos, which still applies today, is to build a loyal team which understands that, above all else, quality matters. We are proud to say some of the original engineers are still part of our growing team, over a decade after inception. In addition, we are equally proud our first developer client is still very much an active New Heat client over ten years later!

We have made a significant investment in embracing the necessary transition to renewable energy. We are continuously up to date with the steps industry-wide to move into the e ciency of renewable energy, not least the upcoming Future Homes Standards legislation in 2025 directing a 75-80% reduction in carbon emissions. We recently became MCS accredited, certifying us as a low-carbon contractor in the renewable field.

Spearheading the Renewables Servicing department is Matt Heath, who over his 18 years in the industry, has gained a wealth of experience and technical knowledge on servicing and maintaining renewable heating solutions. Alongside Matt is a strong team of professionals who work to ensure that our clients’ heating systems are working at their best.

Why Is It Important To Have Your Heat Pump Serviced?

As a traditional gas boiler needs servicing regularly to ensure that it isn’t leaking carbon monoxide, it is also important to have your heat pump serviced. A heat pump uses refrigerant to transfer heat from the ground or air to your home. This needs to be checked in line with manufacturers service instructions.

It is also recommended that your heat pump is serviced to ensure that it’s running efficiently and to improve its lifespan. Your heat pump could lose e ciency over time, so a properly maintained pump could save you money too.

Which Heat Pumps Do We Service?New Heat Solutions

Unit Types

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)
Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)
Solar PV
Solar Thermal
Swimming Pools
Heat Recovery


We cover all manufacturers for all kinds of heating solutions. Here are a few we deal with often:.

What Does a Heat Pump Service Include?

Whilst our main scope of work is in the installation of plumbing, underfloor heating and renewable energy, maintenance work is always an important consideration.

When you have your heat pump serviced, there are a few things that the heating engineer will check. These may differ depending on the type of heat pump you have. The engineer will make sure that the area around the pump is clear and free of debris. Objects such as leaves can begin to block the filters, so this is an important step to ensure that your appliance can work efficiently.

Then they can begin to check the individual parts, such as electrical connections, fan motors and capacitors. The heating engineer will check for any signs of refrigerant leakage and check compressor starts and run times of the heat pump. The fan blades will be cleaned, as will any filters that are blocked or dirty. If the filters are too blocked, they may need to be replaced.

They will also do the following:

  • A check of the expansion vessel pressure and any necessary top-ups

  • A check and clean of the heat pump circuit filter

  • A check of the valves for movement freedom

  • Opening the primary system safety valve and checking that it discharges securely

  • Checking the primary system pressure doesn’t rise above a recommended value

  • Releasing any air from the primary heating system

  • Checking the fuse fitted on the electrical supply is correct

  • A check for the correct temperature setting and operation of thermostats

  • Check of the Underfloor heating manifolds

  • Checking the operation of motorised valves

  • Checking yield performance

*All services should also come with an annual service certificate

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